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Love Stories of Hawaii


Dreams Do Come True
Dedicated to my sweetheart, Cody C. Prout

Submitted by Christine

My heart danced with delight as breathtaking scenery spread before my eyes. Visions of long romantic strolls on the sandy beach, endless stretches of pristine sand surrounded by swaying palm trees, swimming in crystal blue lagoons, indulging myself in secluded waterfalls, and tasting delectable tropical Hawaiian fruits welcomed me with splendor. Still deep in a reverie, I turned my gaze to my fiance, who was sleeping so soundly beside me. There would be no such words to describe the many ways this wonderful man had changed my life. He was everything I had ever wanted in a companion - supportive in every way possible, a hopeless romantic at heart and so kind and tender with me even when I have been wrong. He was indeed, truly the man of my dreams.

That afternoon we took a saunter along the water's edge. It felt so good to wade our feet into the cool water. Later we dined at an upscale restaurant and ordered the most lavish dishes. All the while I was still in disbelief that I was actually in Hawaii, a place I had always dreamed of visiting. What a great joy to be in one of the most romantic, exotic places in the world, especially with the one I loved!

"Darling, I have a dream," Cody said.

I looked up at him with dreamy eyes, "And?"

He gathered me in his arms and swept me off my feet, "And I will make it become a reality."

That night I was filled with great wonder about what Cody had up his sleeve, as we headed back to the hotel from a luau. Still, nothing came to mind and I eventually gave up wondering. He inserted the key into the doorknob of our room; then slowly turned and gave me a long gaze.


"Nothing," he said, smiling, before opening the door.

As soon as he flipped on the lights, I cupped my hand to my mouth and forgot to breathe for several seconds. My eyes shifted from the flickering flames of the candles, to the bright rose petals scattered over the floor and leading a trail to the balcony. Lovely music created such a romantic atmosphere in the background. I turned to look at Cody; my heart lurched madly. His handsome face smiled warmly at me and with both his hands on my cheeks, he whispered, "I love you, sweetheart." The warmth of his touch was so embracing that it has remained embedded until this day.

"I-I love you, too," I whispered, eyes welling up with tears.

In the next second, he pulled something out of his pocket, got down on one knee, and to my utter amazement, he said, "Sweet Princess, will you spend the rest of your life with me?"

I gasped breathlessly, "Oh - Oh... Cody..." Suddenly, inexplicably, I collapsed into tears. I threw myself in his arms and we both melted into a promise of an eternal life together.

A year later we wed in Hawaii, one of the most exotic places, where dreams do come true!

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