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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Paradise PJ's Blues
Dedicated to Young Lovers

Submitted by Marieanne

We were married in December of 1968, only 12 days before he was scheduled to leave for Camp Pendleton to leave with other Marines for Vietnam.

We saw each other for one weekend before he left and finally were able to unite for R&R in Hawaii, in September of 1969.

It was my first flight EVER ! I was 21 yrs old at the time and a small-town girl.

The reunion lasted for 8 days. It was bittersweet to say the least! We were in Waikiki and although we did a lot of sightseeing, the thought of having to part ways once again, left an underlying saddness to the trip.

One night when my husband was out of the hotel room, I decided I would take advantage of the washer and dryer across the hall. I walked out into the hallway in a rather sheer nightie, and loaded all my delicates into the washing machine. I returned to a LOCKED door! I was hardly able to go to the lobby with the way I was dressed. I remembered an army officer and his wife were two rooms to the right of the elevator.
I knocked on the door and stood there in my nightie and said to Millie, who had opened the door, "Is your husband here?" The reason I asked was because I didn't want him to see me in my evening wear. Thankfully, she did not misinterpret my reason for asking about her husband's presence.

She reached for something for me to cover myself with and because of the nature of couples reuniting for R&R, she didn't exactly have a wool bathrobe for me.
Instead, she handed me a pink boa!

We contacted the front desk and someone came up and opened the door for me. What an embarrassment!

I would love to see Hawaii and all the changes that have taken place over time and I promise to keep my room key in my possession AT ALL TIMES if I win the contest!!


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