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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Future Romance Getaway
Dedicated to Peter Muller

Submitted by Jennifer

Pete and Jennie meeting must have been prearranged by somebody up above, because the odds were stacked against them ever meeting. Jennie was set to go to Monteray, CA after U.S. Army basic training then on to Fort Meade, MD. But, the Army had other plans. Instead, she went to Texas for training, then on to Fort Gordon, GA. Upon arrival in Georgia, Jennie's unit realized that they didn't have any space for her to live. So, her unit worked out a deal so that she could stay in another unit's barracks. The same barracks that Pete, whom she hadn't yet met, lived in. She met a soldier named Daniel who lived just upstairs of her, with whom she spent a good deal of time. Although she had met his roommate very briefly, she never really took the time to talk to him. One day, Daniel got orders to deploy. Sadly, one sad morning, Jennie said goodbye to her friend and expected to see him again in a year. But, wait! The story isn't over! Later that day Jennie realized she had forgotten her cell phone in his room! Jennie managed to locate Daniel's roommate Pete to get him to unlock the door to the room they had shared. As she thanked Pete and began to walk out the door, Jennie tripped over a chair! Suddenly feeling warm, strong arms catching hers was very strange to her, as she had just ended a long term relationship and had been feeling a little alone. Jennie sat down in the same chair she had tripped over, and they began to talk. And talk they did until the early morning hours of the next day! One month later, Jennie and Pete were married. And five months after that, they still are continuing the beginning of happily ever after! Oh! You thought it was over? Well didn't you wonder what happened to Daniel? Well he had a romance of his own as well. Daniel returned home much earlier than expected, and with a surprise! Daniel had met the love of his life while staying in Qatar and had brought her home to be his wife as well. They will be married this Valentine's Day in Hawaii!

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