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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Valentines Times Two
Dedicated to Joan

Submitted by Kenneth

Our vacation of a lifetime began when we left Canada for Hawaii, Guam Saipan and the small island of Rota.

Before we left I realized that valentines would be during our stay in Rota.

I had hidden large foldout hearts, the kind used for retail advertising, in the bottom of my suitcase. There were foil ones and the corrogated paper kind that unfolded and hung from the ceiling and many more smaller ones.

We stayed in Rota for only three days and the day we were to leave was the big day. Joan had been sleeping in my bed with me which was a large single because she was afraid of some of the little critters that also occupied our space. Mainly Geckos.

Early in the morning she climbed out of bed and told me she was going for a shower. It was time to spring into action. As soon as I heard the shower begin I lept from the bed, grabbed my suitcase and pulled the hearts out. In a matter of minutes I had decorations hanging from the ceiling light, doorknobs, air conditioner and anything else that would hold one. As soon as the shower stopped I jumped back into bed and covered my head with the sheet awaiting the reaction. Out she came, took one step from the door and stopped dead. OH LOOK HONEY! Someone came in our room and put up all these hearts last night.

Now my wife is an artficial blond and it took a few minutes to realize what she had said.

Although it happened a few years ago we still laugh as hard now as when it happened.

Joan and I left that day for Hawaii and crossing the dateline began a second valentines day. This time it was Candy and flowers and a lovely dinner out.

We often talk about the Two valentine day and hope it will happen again.

Ken Lower

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