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Love Stories of Hawaii


The Missing Hawaii Video
Dedicated to Paul, my husband of almost 9 years

Submitted by Carol

My husband comes from a family of 8 children. His mom and late-father always wanted to go to Hawaii, but the closest they ever got was a 60 minute videotape. Paul borrowed that videotape one weekend in 1994. We watched it every day. It was January and only a high of 20 degrees so the break was welcome. We had talked about going to Hawaii for a honeymoon later that year.

They say never borrow money from relatives. That should be expanded to videotapes as well. Paul claims he returned the tape, his parents say he didn't and I claimed the 5th because I hadn't noticed. His mother still mentions that missing tape of Hawaii 10 years later. It could have fallen out of Paul's car or been borrowed by another sibling or simply misplaced by my in-laws.

The irony of the situation is we never made it to Hawaii for our honeymoon. A couple of weeks before the wedding, my own mom and soon-to-be husband had a big fight over something stupid and she withdrew her promise to pay for our reception. She was hoping that would be enough to stop the wedding. We opted to use the $6,000 put aside for our honeymoon and go on with the reception.

Today, if I had the chance to go back in time, I'd have done it differently. I'd have opted to get married and honeymoon both in Hawaii. Sharing a memory with family and friends is overrated. It's making memories with your beloved that trully matters.

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