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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Twice in a lifetime
Dedicated to The woman I love-my soulmate

Submitted by Jim

A few years ago, my lover and I visited Hawaii. I had lived there years ago, it was her first visit. We had just bought our first home together and were emotionally worn out, and broke! During our visit to Hawaii, we visited Kauai and took a lovely river trip which ended at a spectacular waterfall. While there, we were informed that all couples could be wed, Hawiian-style. While this was not a real wedding, but simply a ceremony, we gladly joined in. There, in the beauty of Kauai, we pledged our love to each other. With tears in our eyes, we kissed under the mist of the waterfall.

Shortly after we returned to the mainland, we again got married-this time for real!

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