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Love Stories of Hawaii


Our Hawaiian Wedding
Dedicated to Our Marriage

Submitted by Marsha

Our wedding story can only be told if the preceding 9 months are included. A whirlwind courtship involving a long distance relationship and second chance meeting are the beginning of our wedding story. Robert and I grew up together in the late sixties and dated as teenagers and than he moved away to serve time in the military and to pursue his dreams which included 17 years in Hawaii. Family issues induced a move back to the mainland to stay with family in Florida. Being back on the mainland gave him the opportunity to visit his old friends in the beautiful state Ohio. We connected on his visit and began to connect on the internet. While 3 visit to Florida on my part and an additional visit to Ohio on his part the decision was made that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together as husband and wife. So the wedding plans began, we had three weeks to put together our Hawaiian wedding in the middle of winter in the cold state of Ohio. Family and friends helped us accomplish our dream wedding. Robert ordered orchid leis and tealeaf leis for the wedding party which included my sister and brother-in-law who also were in this group of friends from the sixties, Dan my brother-in-law was one of Robert's best friends, and he and my sister remet after many years and have been married for 15 years. My 3 sons were also included in the wedding party, they walked me down the aisle and gave me away. Our wedding ceremony included exchanging of leis and the Hawaiian Wedding Song sung by my neice. Our mutual friend Janice who was also in the same group of friends, read a love poem about the islands that she wrote after her second honeymoon in Hawaii. We exchanged our vows in the presence of 150 family members and friends. To start our new life together we honeymooned on the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

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