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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

6th Grad Love
Dedicated to My husband

Submitted by Mary

My husband and I went to Elementary school together in the 6th Grade. He was the little kid that chased me around, only to hit on me (literally) when he caught up to me. Then one day, fed up, I hit him back but remember thinking, careful, you never know who you'll marry. Well, we went to different Junior High's and met up in the 12th Grade. We dated, not realizing we were the same two kids fighting in elementary - until a mutual friend of ours brought it to our attention. The first time my husband and I went to Hawaii was in 1991. I guess you can say it was a dream come true as Hawaii was always my dream vacation which seemed just that, a dream. So, in 1991, 2 kids later & married 7 years, there we were, sipping mai-tai's & pina coladas on the beautiful island of Oahu. Oh no! I thought, it's a good thing I didn't hit him so hard. Case in point, we both fell in love with Hawaii, we've since been back to the islands 2 more times. This September, we'll be married 20 years (we're both 38) and would love nothing more than to spend our 20th anniversary in "our" still dream place, Hawaii!

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