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Love Stories of Hawaii


Honeymoon gone wrong!
Dedicated to My faithful, loving husband

Submitted by Andrea

My husband and I dated for 7 1/2 years before we were able to have our Winter wedding. Our honeymoon would be the first vacation we were able to take together. We planned and planned thinking everything would be just right, BOY WERE WE WRONG, here is our story. The honeymoon started in the airport with a securty breach which delayed our flight by 3 hours. After standing in the same spot we finally made our way to the plane. The flight attendant had offered us a "prime seat" for a newlywed couple. Well, the seat she claimed was prime put us in the very last two seats of the plane next to the bathrooms. Once we reached Hawaii the plane was parked 10 ft away from the terminal which meant we spent 20 minutes with no air circulation until they finally were able to move us in and depart the aircraft. We thought the worst would be over once we reached the hotel. The Hotel notified us that they had mistakingly put us in a room with two twin beds "would that be a problem?" After a bit we decided to upgrade to a new room to at least get checked in and get something to eat. We reached a nice restaurant to have some steak and lobster, which later we realized had given us food poisoning. The next morning we were going for a fresh start. Shortly after my husband was in the shower we realized that the shower was missing the gaurd and the room was flooded. Things started to go better. We made it to a few shopping areas, Pearl Harbor and a day on the beach. On the fourth day of our honeymoon I became ill and started vomiting. After several hours we went to the hospital. The hospital started IV fluids and after several hours sent us on our way. An hour later the same thing started again. The emergency room requested we return for further research. I spent the remaining 4 days of our honeymoon in ICU for a kidney infection that could have been handled in a day if I had been provided antibiotics. I was released at 9:30am and our plane was set to depart the same day at 2:30pm. Once we were on the plane they advised our flight would only take 4 1/2 hours due to tail winds. The flight ended up taking 8 1/2 hours. After circling Seatac airport we were told that we were low on fuel and needed to go to Portland to refuel and attempt a landing later. We would love to return to the beautiful state of Hawaii. My husband and took alot of time to decide on our honeymoon location, but we weren't able to spend the time togther with me in the hospital.

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