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Love Stories of Hawaii


My Happy Hawaiian Honeymoon
Dedicated to My Husband Kevin

Submitted by Jeanne

This brings tears to my eyes thinking of it, but it's true. Always I have wanted to visit Hawaii. As a child I listened to the "Hawaiian Wedding Song" over and over played by my Canadian Grandmother. That's where it must have come from. I knew when I grew up I wanted to go to Hawaii for my Honeymoon. Well, in 1999 I was 30 and I had lost hope. Mr. Right was never going to appear. So, I bought "Idiot's Hawaii" and decided to take my mother. I mean, why not? We had traveled to Florida together; I hoped I wasn't jinxing myself. One day at work, I sat thumbing through my Idiots, this new guy, kept bugging me. "Why did I want to go there? I'd rather go to Europe." I was too proud to tell him I'd probably never get there on a Honeymoon and I thought he was jerk. He would never understand why I just had to get to the Royal Hawaiian. So, why bother? Loser. I soon got another job. Six months later the "Jerk" emailed me. You know, the Jerk turned out to be the nicest guy I dated. We quickly fell in love. In May of 2001 we got engaged. As Kevin sheepishly slipped the ring on my finger, he admitted he always wanted to go to Hawaii too. We booked a Maui Dream Honeymoon. However, three weeks before my Wedding Day I got some devastating news. An annual GYN exam revealed a mass on one of my ovaries. The was very large, probably cancer. I was told to cancel the really tested us. We prayed. It turned out it was not cancer, but I definitely need major surgery immediately. But I was determined to go on with the show. It kept me going through some very rough post-surgical days when I didn't think I had the strength. But lying on a beach, sipping Lava Flows, kissing my new Husband in the moonlight on Wailea Beach was my mantra., we deserved it! Nobody wanted to see Hawaii as much as we did...we even had a Pre-Wedding Luau planned! That life-line helped me to heal enough so my Doctors felt that I could make the trip, though no arduous hikes..sorry Haleakula. When Kevin and I stepped off the plane in Kahului no rental car facility ever looked so magical or so dear in the golden Maui sun. Our first night on Maui was to this day, the single most exciting moment of our lives. We are going back for our First Anniversary, because we could not imagine being anywhere else. You know what's funny about it all. Sometimes you look forward to something so long, that you are let down when you actually see it. Not Hawaii. The shear beauty of the Islands, the sights and sounds, the friendliness of its people all have to be experienced firsthand. We cried when we left. I hope that Heaven is like this.

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