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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

Love at First Sight!
Dedicated to "The Bear"

Submitted by Susan

It was her day off and while she waited for the laundry to finish she switched on the television. It was set to her favorite channel and there was a program on that day she liked about real people trying to make a new life against all odds. Today it was telling about a man who lost his business, his wife divorced him and he had to begin his life over from scratch becoming artist with no artistic background only his natural abilites. He looked so nice and when he spoke and there was something in his voice and expressions that made her heart start to beat fast and she couldn't take her eyes away from the program. Was it the red shirt, the beautiful brown eyes or the way he spoke about his children that made her want to know this man. She herself was so surprised and just couldn't help herself. Seeing him for twenty minutes or so she wanted to get to know him better. The was a web site address for the show and she went to the computer and looked his internet address up. She sat there for two hours trying to figure what to say to this handsome stranger. She remembers she finally asked a question about the wood he so painstaking carves. She tried to fool herself at first by saying it was o.k. he probably wouldn't answer her e-mail anyway. He did and that first e-mail has become a regular part of their days now. Sometimes they speak on the telephone and send photograph of family and friends back and forth. There could only one thing better than all this if he could come and visit Hawaii so they could spend time together really getting to know one another. Now she finally understands what it means when someone say that it was "Love at First Sight" because when it happens you know it's true it can happen to you.

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