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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

A Dream Come True
Dedicated to The love of my life, Frankie

Submitted by Linda


On my 14th birthday 12/23/67, my parents moved from the Bronx, NY to Lubbock, TX. That was the last time I saw my first boyfriend, Frankie. We continued to write for several years until I wrote and told Frankie I was getting married. On the rebound Frankie married someone 55 days before my wedding.

On June 25, 1999 I did an E-mail search for a Frankie Olthoff. I found one in the Bronx. I knew it was him.

I received an E-mail the very next day that said he had looked and looked for me. We E-mailed for several days and then I called him on the phone. I have never heard anyone so excited to hear a Texas accent, as Frankie was to hear mine. We talked for hours on end. Frankie owned a computer store in the Bronx, had 3 grown children, was separated from his wife and had ALL his hair....perfect!

Frankie and I made plans for him to fly to Lubbock on July 14th. However, the anticipation was too much so on July 6, 1999 Frankie called and said he was heading to JFK airport. He had 1 hour to catch the flight. I told him I would see him at the airport.

I couldn't believe that the love of my life was coming after not seeing him for 32 years. I decided that if he could do this for me, I would fly to DFW and surprise him there.

Frankie's plane was 2 hours late in arriving. By this time I was pacing back and forth and had told everyone at the gate about my pending reunion with Frankie. As kids I always walked on Frankie's right side, so as he debarked the plane I fell in step with him on his right side. I put my arm through his and his eyes grew huge! He looked at me and said, "Linda?" He then gave me a hug and a small kiss. He then pulled me out of line and kissed me like he did when we were kids. All at once a crowd of people started clapping and chanting, "Go, Frankie! Go, Frankie!" He just looked at me with a big question mark on his face.

Frankie was scheduled to return to NY on July 18th but we decided we couldn't be apart again. Frankie had proposed to me on July 15th. We both flew to NY on July 29th and closed down his computer store in the Bronx. We knew there could only be one date for our wedding, December birthday and the 32nd anniversary of us saying goodbye to each other. So for my 46th birthday I walked down the aisle to "Somewhere Over The Rainbow".

We have a saying, "Every day is Christmas, every night, New Year's eve." For our 50th birthdays and 4th anniversary, we are planning a trip to Hawaii.

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