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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

Toes Never Lie
Dedicated to Karen

Submitted by Heather

Toes - yeah, they are often not very pretty. But try living without them! Lot's of things in Life are like that - not the most appreciated, but without them we simply cannot function - or should I say how we do function is even less pretty...

Toes to me are a lot like Love. Necessary and also numerous. There are very few persons who have not loved at least once. Oh sure, it may not have a been the romantic moonlight walk on a sandy beach in Hawaii kind of love that we all dream about and that the pulp novels herald as the kind that stops the world when you are having it. But we all have loved - maybe it was unrequited, never spoken love. Maybe it was hot, passionate and branded into out memory like a calf in an Abilene roundup. But we all have had a few loves - I hope, many, that bring you a smile to recall.

Toes are an indicator also of our emotional sincerity- do you recall the stance of an tongue tied adolescent boy as he tries for the first time to tell a girl he likes her? In your minds eye can't you just see him shyly facing the playground stones and shuffling his feet - awkwardly dragging his toes in in the dust in front of him. But you know - toes also convey the heat of passion - imagine that same Hawaiian moonlit beach, two scantily clad figures lying face to face in the sand - their eyes may be open, their mouths doing who knows what - but we know what their toes are up too - they are curled either staight up toward the starry skies or dug deep in the white sand. Yup, toes never lie...

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