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Love Stories of Hawaii


Kauai Cold Feet
Dedicated to Dan

Submitted by Kathleen

Our wedding was set for Thursday, March 28, 2002 at the Marriott in Kauai, Hawaii. We flew in with our families on the Sunday prior to our wedding. We were told it was the worst rain they had seen in long time. There was a lot of stress in the air trying to keep everyone happy and Dan and I feeling badly because of the weather (which we could not control). Tension was in the air (to say the least). Dan got cold feet and called off the wedding on Wednesday night (the night before we were to be married). I was devastated (to say the least). I was to fly home with my family on Friday. Dan asked me to stay on and continue to our honeymoon destination (Princeville Resort) I decided to stay on with him. Everyone went home. Some of the stress was taken away. But, I had no idea what my future held - where our relationship would go - if there was a relationship. Dan planned on surprising me by getting married before we were to head home. We almost didn't make our marriage license appointment at a hair salon in Hanalei - thankfully we did. We asked the gal if she knew of someone that would marry us - she told us she couldn't give us that information but we told her our story and she provided us with a name. We were leaving the island that next day. We called the woman and she met us at the hotel (prior to our flight) and we followed her to the Healing Beach. Deanna performed a beautiful ceremony with just Dan and I - barefoot on the beach. It was amazing (it was how our wedding was supposed to be but we got caught up in what we thought the other person wanted). An amazing day I will never forget. After the ceremony I called all my family to let them know the good news! Everyone was so glad to hear that we did end up getting married even though they could not be with us. We had dinner on the way to the airport and then flew home. We plan on going back to Kauai to renew our vows again on the beach dressed casual without shoes with our daughter and family in the near future. Hawaii the islands where dreams do come true.

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