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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Joy and Love in Paradise
Dedicated to James Walker

Submitted by Jimmie

How do you describe Paradise? One Phrase would be enough, "A 25th Surprise Wedding Anniversary In Oahu". All my life I've desired to go to the Hawaiian Islands. This was my ultimate dream.

I took a week of vacation from work to celebrate our upcoming wedding anniversary. My husband, James, had planned a surprise. We would be out of town but I was not told where we would go. James was away on a business trip so I did not have the opportunity to question him about our trip. When I picked him up at the airport and questioned him about what kind of clothes to pack for the trip. He surprised with the details of the trip. He had rented a small condo on Waikiki Beach. I was speechless. All the plans were made for a trip away. Our Family and Friends were all in on the secret and helped plan the detail. What a wonderful surprise.

My surprises were to continue. James arranged first class tickets for the flight. It was unbelievable. We arrived about 9:00 pm at the Honolulu airport. I still remember the smell of the airport upon our arrival. The scent of flowers was everywhere. As James got the rental car and I lingered and watched people receiving leis. My husband watching me returned with a quickly hug and kiss on the cheek. He said I would receive a lei upon our return home. How well he knew me. What a gift from God this man is. How honored to be chosen as his wife.

We headed for the North Shore area for a key to a condo on Waikiki beach. Or so I thought. Once we arrived I waited in the car as James went for the key. Upon James's return he urged me to come and meet the condo owner. I learned the surprises had not stopped. Strangely, the owner was not there. James again surprised me. This would be our home for the week. A spacious home on an acre of beach was beautiful. I was in heaven. We were in rapture of the beauty and the endless activities on this glorious island.

Our last night was on the anniversary date of our wedding. We attended a luau and during the dinner I received a cell phone message. I retrieved the message and was surprised to hear my husband's voice. He stated how much he loved me and how I had made his life complete. He promised years ago to make my dreams come true and he hoped this trip was one of them. He said the first week's trip was to celebrate our first 25 years of marriage. Then came the surprise. We were staying a second week to celebrate our NEXT 25 years. So, how would I describe Paradise, in one word, 'Hawaii'.

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