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Love Stories of Hawaii


Prelude of a Wedding
Dedicated to My husband - Herb

Submitted by Viveca

Prelude of a Wedding

November 21, 1992, our wedding day has finally arrived. I was a nervous bundle of joy, had mixed emotions, scared, happy but also a little saddened because the very person who kept our relationship alive was deceased, my mother. She always knew Herb and I would be together and she kept his visits a secret whenever he returned home to Philadelphia on leave. In June of 1986, my mother called me to come see this man and his dog. So what is the big deal, men walk their dogs all the time. I reluctantly came around the corner to see this man and his dog. When I saw it was Herb I smiled and became a like nervous schoolgirl on her first date. I quickly surveyed him looking for a wedding band, because I knew he married two years after I turned him down in 1967. I saw the glimmer of gold on the wrong finger, so I knew he was not approachable. I engaged in polite conversation all the while, dying inside. After Herb left my mother's house we talked and she told me of all his other visits unbeknownst to me. I asked her, "why is this so different?" She told me in time we will be together. The words of a dotting mother and her wishes, little did I know. My mother passed in February 1989 never to see our union.

As we stood before the minister on the beach of Waikiki in Hawaii at daybreak, I wished my mother could have been there with us. The moment the minister blessed our union as man & wife, I felt a strange pressure on my cheek as if I was being kissed. She was there with us. I cried the biggest tears of joy as I greeted my husband. We walked to the waters edge and threw in our flowers and said a prayer. As we walked the beach holding hands, the rays of the morning sun broke through the clouds and touched our faces blessing us with the gift of eternal happiness.

Friends have asked us, "why get married so early in the morning?" I explained, sunrise is the dawning of a new day, so, our marriage like the sunrise is the beginning of a new life together. We have been happy ever since and still love each other as much or more than ever.

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