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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Jon Needs to Touch his Roots
Dedicated to My adopted part Hawaiian son, Jon

Submitted by Linda

At some point in life, everyone needs to touch their ancestral roots. My husband and I adopted our second son, Jonathan, as in infant. We were told he was half Hawaiian and half Caucasian. Jonathan, has had more than one issue to accept in life, besides being adopted and mixed race. He was chronically ill, with a low immune system. He had ear tubes at six months. He began speech therapy at age three and completed that at age eleven. But then we learned "Jonny couldn't read" and he began vision therapy and a multisensory reading program. At age 15 we discovered he had over-focused ADD that needed medication. All throughout his uphill struggle with life, Jon has voiced his wish to visit Hawaii, the home of his unknown birth father. Jon was especially pleased when Hawaiian shirts became popular recently. He has a large collection and wears them constantly. He is proud to have a Hawaiian heritage and speaks often of his desire to visit Hawaii. Because his adoption was closed, he knows it is impossible to find his birth father. But he want to at least see, taste and feel this land of paradise. Money has been tight. I would like to take Jon to Hawaii as his gift for his up-coming graduation from high school in 2003. Jon's great gifts to the world are his culinary arts (he makes great desserts)and the ability to work with severely handicapped children, at which he excells as a student helper in his school. Jon personally knows what it is like to overcome adversity. Please let him have his wish and set his sails for Hawaii. Aloha!

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