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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

Love's Funny Little Games
Dedicated to Lost loves

Submitted by Courtney

Have you ever been in love before? What was it like? How did you know, that you were standing at love's front door? How do you know when it's real? When will you know that this could be your only really chance at love. That this moment could be your last chance at romance.

There are those who will catch love by the tail and never let go. These are the luckly one's who can see that this is their one chance. And then there are those like me who find out that I've wrapped up in Love's Funny Little Game.

I don't think we ever know when love stops being a game, and beginning to understand that love is in the little things.

Little things like soft touch of a hand against your cheek when you've had a hard day, from the man you adore. Could it be the way he distractly brushs his hair away from his face when a Hawaiian breeze blows them in his way, when he's trying to unwind from a long hard day.

Is it the way he tells you goodbye when he gets ready to go away. Or could it be the way he kisses his wife and child as the man you secertly love drives away.

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