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Love Stories of Hawaii

Summer Romance

Is he lost forever.
Dedicated to Omar in the Navy, Pearl Harbour HI

Submitted by Tami

Ever since I was three years old I have dreamed of going to Hawaii, finally in my adult life I was able to go on vacation with a few af my girlfriends.

It was going to be a wonderful trip all of my dreams were going to come true and I was going to see somethng so buetiful that know one I told would ever belive me or so I thought.

My friends and I steped off the plane in Ouahu, I have to say that I was slightly didaponted at first, as old as I am now and as much as I am a realist I still expected "Fanatsy Island" or at the very least what I have seen on post cards. To me Ouahu was like San Fransico, I thought oh no what have we done. Where have we come.

The next day I spent the day on the beach and going to the mall and talking to a few of the locals and over the next few days I learned to surf say a few words in Hawaiian and could get around Wakikki pretty good.

Everyone told me that I was going to paradise and I would meet the man of my dreams and that I was never going to want to go back home. If you no me at all I didn't say much to my friends other than yeah right, or ok will see. However in my head I was just thinking yeah right, whatever.

Then like a thief in the night My Hawaii pulled the moonlight over my face and the most beuatiful man appered befor me, I lost all ability to speak or think clearly, so I just watched him for a while, my heart was racing and my face flush. I didn't know what to do.

I all of a suden was three years old again and I had a new dream. Him.... We talked for a total of four hours that night, we danced perfectly together and he is everything that I have ever said that I was looking for in a man.
Tall, dark and more than handsome, and everytime I think about him I melt I am saddened at the thought that I may never see him again.

Well now I am back at home in California and I miss My Hawaii. I miss the man of my dreams, I came home with the memories of paradise with a picture that one of my girlfriends took of he and I together when we wern't looking and the most beuatiful purple flower lei I have ever seen. I have rested my eyes on the most beautiful place on earth now and although I have met the love of my life and lost him all in the same vacation I will never forget My Hawaii.

I will return one day to My Hawaii hopefully and make her my new home. Thank you to My Hawaii, you were everything I thought and much more...

All I have of the man of my dreams is a first name, a picture, his rank and the branch of military that he is in, and One day when I am not afraid to chase my dreams I may try to look him up. Forever stuck in my mind you will be Omar only 25 from the navy at Pearl Harbour, my perfect E-5 you will always be part of My sweet Hawaii...

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