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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

" Like attracts Like "
Dedicated to Joe

Submitted by Lisa

Dear Joe...aka "Mr Burgundy",
I write this to thank you for your firm stance on the theory of "like attracts like".

Only after months of comparing notes, forming ideas and sharing opinions, and hours devoted only to the discovery of the many, many items and habits that we share, was I convinced that it could be possible. After all of these months, knowing you were there when I needed you, ( and sometimes making you think I'd never be back again ) and realizing how much I want to be there for you, I find that I agree with this theory of yours and that we share the destiny of being drawn to each other.

We have found our homes within each others souls.

One of those times that I needed to feel your comforting soul surround me , you felt how much I needed peace and tranquility, and you suggested going together to a place of warmth with rain...Hawaii.....a place with a porch where we could sit together and listen to raindrops splatter on the the cottages on Kauai..... I knew then and I believe now that you are the spirits gift to me, my soulmate, my love forever.......and I want so much for this wish of ours to come true......
If ever we make it to the cottage with the lanai on Kauai (and I believe we will)
it is then that I will tell you that you complete me and make me feel whole, and that I love you.

aka "threadbane"

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