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Love Stories of Hawaii


Les & Kathy's Hawaiian Wedding
Dedicated to Les, my friend and my love

Submitted by Kathleen

As a divorced parent, I spent much of my spare time either with my children or alone until I met a high school teacher who had recently lost his wife to cancer. Les and I became the very best of friends from the moment we met. We would spend time together, walking and talking and just hanging out as friends. After about 6 months of friendship, he asked me if I minded if he held my hand. I wondered if taking this step would ruin a great friendship, but I allowed him to hold my hand and from that point forward we became a couple.

We became engaged and he asked if I wanted a small wedding or a large one. I told him I didn't care as long as the wedding was stress-free. I told him I'd like to be married in Hawaii and he thought Hawaii was a wonderful idea. Neither one of us had been there before. We flew to Maui where we had our choice of the most beautiful beaches in the world to be wed. We prearranged for a minister who we found online, Marsha Rogers, to perform the ceremony. She helped us coordinate the paperwork ahead of time and performed the most beautiful Hawaiian ceremony at Kanaapali Beach at sunset. Les wore a blue and gold Hawaiian shirt with white shorts and I wore a blue and aqua silk dress which I found in one of the island boutique stores. We stood barefoot in the warm sand with the gentle sound of the blue waves breaking and the sight of an unbelievably gorgeous sunset.

We had leis made from what I thought was the most fragrant flower in the world, the Frangipani. Some great folks we had just met at our hotel came to join us on the beach to watch our ceremony. We exchanged flower leis and our vows and Marsha pronounced us man and wife. One of our new friends became the ring bearer, another our photographer; all signed our wedding certificate as witnesses. As the sun went down our new friends joined us for champagne at the thatched roof outdoor bar near the beach where a group of Hawaiian musicians were playing nearby. They played the Hawaiian Love Song in honor or our wedding.

When we returned to Delaware, we threw a "Hawaiian Shirt Party" for our friends and family to celebrate our wedding. We asked them to wear Hawaiian shirts or other tropical attire. The band at our party played some Hawaiian music and the wedding cake was covered with Fragipani Flowers and topped with a volcano. There was something about the hawaiian shirts and tropical attire that put everyone in a festive mood. Both the wedding and the Hawaiian Shirt Party turned out to be stress-free. Our marriage is wonderful and our memories of our Hawaiian wedding ceremony will last a lifetime.

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