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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

A love never lost
Dedicated to Anne

Submitted by Scott

Two teens. Both coming from troubled homes, meeting by chance. They enjoyed each other's company very much while in high school. Going there own ways for a number of years both marrying and having children with other partners never forgetting the love once shared by the two. Years go by both divorced now, still wondering what the other is doing, letters are sent. One of them living in Massachusetts. The other living in Florida. Dozens of letters were sent. One was replied to. After all this time, both still want to be with the other. First letters sent, then email. Finally a Phone call. 25 years have come and gone and yet both recognized each other as soon as the connection was made. Soon the two met. It was like they had never parted. Never skipped a beat. The love each other felt for one another had not faded one bit.
How does the story end? Well it hasn't been written yet. Maybe in another 50 years we can tell you the rest of the story.....

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