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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

A Christmas to Remember
Dedicated to Joe

Submitted by Dottie

For the past 8 years my son John has been with the United States Navy. Many of his adventures have been state side or to Guam but his last two years have been stationed in Hawaii. Since he very rarely ever is able to make it home for the holidays I decided my husband and two daughters and I should make the trip to Hawaii for the holidays. After careful planning and since it would be my husband and my 15th year anniversary I decided to make the trip even more memorable. I proposed to my husband by e-mail and asked if he would like to renew our wedding vows while on vacation with just the five of us and the minister. Needless to say he accepted and on December 24th and 12:00 with son and daughters by our sides my husband and I rewnewed our vows on the beautiful beaches of Kauai.

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