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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Away from Home!
Dedicated to My Family

Submitted by Michelle

Being born and raised in Hawaii (Oahu) is the greatest gift I've got. I say this, because being far away from home makes me realize how much Hawaii really means to me by means of the Aloha spirit (we) tend to flaunt, food, beaches and etc.. It's like what the rest of all the local's say "You can take a Kama'aina of the Hawaii but our hearts are still with our blessed island".

Well, being married to a (Prior) Marine will eventually get "Us locals" out of the Islands. It's like if you really love someone then you would do anything for the one you love. I did! It's crazy but I never knew I would leave home and my side of the family, it's just something that never dawned on me later. The best thing I do when I'm homesick, is that I think of all the good things about home (or call the Ohana and friends) and say to myself that we'll be home someday again which my children would enjoy.

However, having our oldest child born in Honolulu is like having a lifelong, cherishable, souvineir my husband and I have to be grateful for. :)

Chelle K.

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