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Love Stories of Hawaii


Our First Anniversary In Hawaii
Dedicated to My Loving Husband Gregory

Submitted by Mary

we would love to go hawaii to celbrate our first anniversary.I met my husband on love aol i was bored one day 4 andhalf years agoi decided to surf love aol andi came accross a picture of this handsome man he said that he would like to make a new friend he sounded nice the same religion as me he was in kentucky[anative and me in fla] anative
so i wrote to him,and he answered me back over the next 2 years we wrote,called and emailed to eachother ,in june 2000 my niece was getting married i told him about it he said to me do you have a date i said no iam going bymyself he said would you likea date i said yeah why he said ill go down and be your date well he did he flew down the friday before the wedding and stayed till sunday night it was a great weekend i know that i fell in love with him the moment he got off the plane,well that was june in september he came down for my birthday for the weekend i was so happy just that he was coming down and we would go on a date[neither of us had ever been married]. well when he came down i met him at the aiport we went that he could check in to the hotel and we were going that he could visit my parents again wellbefore we got to leave the hotel he said oh happy birthday and he handed me a beautiful stuffed puppy i was so happy i s aid thank you,then he said mary close your eyes so i did and he goes open them i did and he was on one knee and hada ring box open and he told me bestfriend will you marry me i cried and finally 30 mins later i said yes we got married june 30,2002 we just celbrated our 1 year anniversary

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