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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

My true first love
Dedicated to Ezra Allen

Submitted by Sheila

I knew him for 6 years. He was my best friend, my confidant, and more importantly, my soulmate. This man did things for me no other one could. He listen when I needed him most. He answered my cries, stood by my side, and gave me advice, even when I didn't ask for it. I knew 6 years ago that I was in love with him. However, I couldn't say anything because he was with my friend. I hooked them up 6 years ago, before I knew exactly how wonderful of a man he was.

2 years ago I tried to tell him how I felt. And 2 years ago, while I was away in college, and he was away for work, we had a short affair, falling in love, but forgetting all reality. Soon after, he had to return to his life, and me to mine. We decided that we could never share what had happened with anyone for fear that my friend would find out. I can remember watching midnight love videos every night, and everything I saw reminding me of him. I can remember longing to drive home 3 hours from where I was just to see him again.

Until I could not take it anymore. I woke up one morning, and told my roommate to pack a bag for a weekend. We were on our way to a jewelery store and then to my hometown. I bought a ring for this man, and then drove over four hours to get to him. I arrived at a hotel, right across the street from his job. I told my roommate that no matter what I did, not to hold me back. We ordered 2 rooms and then we drove across the street to the place where he worked. I marched right into his place of employment, crying, and asked the hostess where his station was. (He was a waiter.) I immediately saw him, and I went blank. I felt this burning, a pain in my chest, a pain in my heart. I had finally found the other half, after losing it so long ago. I walked up to him, stood on a nearby chair and sang to him, " Never Felt This Way." He looked at me, like I was losing my mind, yet blushing the whole time. The resturant was incredibly quiet. Everyone was starring at me. I got down from the chair, took out the ring box, got on one knee and said.....
" I am in love with you. And I have been for 6 years. I do not care what is supposed to be correct. I do not care who sees this. All I want is to be happy. And that is all we want for each other. I know that we are happiest when we are together. We bring that out in each other. You are my other half, you are my soul, and I need you. Forever. Please, tell me, you will marry me."

He stared at me, crying, I think very amazed and surprised. He pulled me up by me hand, slowly, and kissed my forehead. He then got down on his knee, and said,

" I should of been the one down here. Forgive me for thinking that what we shared would disappear."
He got up, we kissed, and we went outside. Of course, I had to go back to college. But 2 years later we are still together, planning a private wedding in Hawaii.

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