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Love Stories of Hawaii


"Dreams from a Hospital Window"
Dedicated to Clay Kernell

Submitted by Rachel

Laying in the hospital bed, only hours after an unexpected surgery, I mutter five words to my mother that I never thought I'd say. "I'm going to marry him", I said, which made my mother turned to me in shock, but she then wrote it off to the heavy medication. But the man I was referring to appeared at my bed mere hours later, where he stayed for three days. I broke that same man's heart only months earlier, when I told him I wasn't ready for something "serious" and he'd do much better with someone else. But here he was anyways, faithfully clinging to my side. Each day in the hospital he would help me out of bed and push my IV pole up the hall as I walked, and we would stop at a big window at the end of the hall and just stand there, hand in hand, and watch the busy streets below. And there I realized and I knew the truth behind what I told my mom, I am going to marry this man. And that's just what will happen this October fifth, tow-thousand and two. He blessed me with a second chance and showed me the tru meaning of love. We can't afford a big honeymoon to an exotic loacation, but we're happily settling for a lovely cabin in the mountains. But for all our lives we've each wanted to go to Hawaii more than anywhere else, and we've vowed to do that one day...together. Whether we go while we're young or when we are old and gray, one thing is for sure, we will have the time of our lives, because we are together.

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