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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Remember to remember
Dedicated to Mike

Submitted by Sherita

15 Years ago we promised to love one another for all our lives. A promise everyone said we could'nt keep at age 18. As we walked along the beach in Hawaii,looking out to sea on our 15th anniversary I realized that the only thing bigger than the ocean was the love I feel for you. You have taken my heart and carried it like it was the most important thing in your life. You have given me three beautiful children. And when we lost our daughter, you carried me on the days I could'nt get up on my own, always putting my feelings first. I love you for all you have given me, all you have shared with me, and all you have helped me be. You are my world my life and my best friend. My heart still flutters when I hear your voice. and I cant help smile with pride when I hear your name mentioned. Thank you for a beautiful life.

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