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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Break-up Love
Dedicated to Alaskans, we all live with it

Submitted by JOdi

My partner has been to Hawaii, but I never have. We talk about it though... all the time in the spring. You see spring is break-up in ALaska. And no it does not mean we all fight every spring. Break-up is when a long dark winters worth of snow all melts at once, making for 2-3 weeks of mud and floods as the rivers break-up.

After a winter of below zero temps, and so little sunlight that you drive to and from work in the dark people are ready for the spring. For me and my partner that is espeically true. You see we are both dog mushers, so winter is our busiest time. With constant dog chores, long runs, and preparing for the races we enter.

You think you would be ready for break-up, but actually it hits strangly hard. In that after all that waiting it does not live up to your expectations. It is not spring, it is wet and cold and muddy and dirty, and you can not keep your floor clean if your life depended on it. We have specail rubber break-up boots that are the only sensible thing to wear.

How does Hawaii fit into all this? Well this is the time of year we say at least once a day, "wouldn't it be great to go to Hawaii and miss break-up?" We never have the money to do it, but just sitting the 2 of us on the couch talking about how nice it would be has gotton me through more then one dreary break-up. Like the fairy tales we tell kids about knights in shinning armor, to give them faith in true love, my day dreams of Hawaii remind me that even when we are covered in mud somewhere there is a tropical beauty, that at least in theory I could be a part of. I know someday my partner and I will go for break-up, till then the fantasy of it is in my mind. In my mind right now actaully as the rivers flood and the mud is everywhere. Wish us luck.

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