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Love Stories of Hawaii

Summer Romance

A Beautiful State of Mind
Dedicated to Mom who taught me to see beauty

Submitted by Kurt

Hawaii, the far-away, mysterious island paradise, welcomed me with palm lines beaches and natural beauty beyond my imagination. As a child my teachers informed me of these distant islands where only wealthy people visited to frolic in the sunshine. Hawaii seemed forever out of reach to an ordinary person as I. As a doctoral student in Education I read about the amazing culture of the hawaiian people and the incredible flora and fauna. I had to see our Island State.

My destination was the Island of Kauai. It was easy to forget that this is part of a state in the USA. The other-worldly beauty was thrilling. So many elders had mis-informed me that Hawaii was prohibitively expensive and out of reach. I found small inns and bed and breakfasts to be wonderfully home-like, very affordable residences and the people incredibly friendly. My first evening on the lush island I met another single traveler, Selena from Singapore. She was as thrilled with the natural beauty of Hawaii as I. We traveled together for two weeks, hiking the trails of the breathtaking NaPali Cliffs and swimming in the warm, crystal blue Pacific. Our shared love for the Island blossomed into a wonderful summer romance. I loved visiting small towns and villages on the Island. One sea-side town, Hanalei brought back our childhood memories of the song "Puff The Magic Dragon" and we sang the children's song while strolling on the beach, holding hands and laughing like children. We took surfing lessons, but spent much of our days snorkeling with the brilliantly colored fish. Our shared love for nature grew as we hiked along trails to see waterfalls. Even the occasional warm rain shower was wonderful.

The most amazing sight on Kauai was Waimea Canyon. I had never imagined that there was a "grand canyon" in the midst of this lush green island in the Pacific. Our one day hike in the Canyon was truely rewarding exercise. We shared daydreams, imagining ways t stay in Hawaii, to never leave. Alas, our vacation on this Island Paradise was coming to a close. We've returned to our homes, and are writing often, planning our next excursion to Hawaii.

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