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Love Stories of Hawaii


The story of us
Dedicated to My True Love

Submitted by Rebecca

On a warm day in September I met him at a College orientation cookout. From a distance I admired his charming smile and good looks. We met through a mutual friend and began our friendship by attempting to encourage a love connection between our best friends. While that love connection fizzled ours reved up. We spent the next few years working to develop this love into a mutually fulfilling and kind relationship. Five years later and many compromises we came to a decision that marriage was not for us. But on Septmeber 11, 2001 our country was thrashed into a devastating attack on our civilian population. All of a suden we knew that we did not want to let another day pass without telling each other how very important we were to each other. And to my surprise on December 21st he planned a romantic evening and on one knee whispered the words Rebecca Frost will you marry me? Through tears of joy and surprise I clearly stated YES and meant it with all my heart. Because of the non-traditional way in which our love has transpired over the years it has been our decision to wed on the most romantic island in the world, Maui. Our wedding in Hawaii will be the place where we promise to love and honor each other for the rest of our lives.

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