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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Dedicated to My Brother Zumo

Submitted by Kathy

My brother passed away January 27, 1993. Before he died my family and I asked where we should go after the balloons go up. We used the phrase "the balloons going up" instead of saying when he died. It was just easier. He had visited the big island of Hawaii for his 4oth birthday five years before he died. He came back with wonderful stories of how beautiful it was and what a wonderful time he had. He had discovered parasailing, snorkeling, biking, hiking and much more. He could not stop talking about it. His adventure was to be ours. Family and friends met in Hawaii to honor my brother in September 1993. This was a magical adventure. Everything I had read and everything he had said about Hawaii were true. We had rented a van in Hilo. The first house we rented was in the mountains. It would be cold and foggy at night. We would light the fireplace and share stories of my brother and how he had embraced his life. We did the same in Hawaii. In the daytime we would travel wherever our hearts would lead. The day trips were plentiful. We would drive from the mountains to the beach, snorkel, hike and enjoy the greenery. It was wonderful to see placed we had only dreamed of visiting. We put 1500 miles on the van we rented. Yes, we did a lot of driving. We drove to Kona, we saw the active volcano, snorkeled and had the best of times. It was a magical time. It is still the best vacation I have ever experienced. We still talk about our wonderful vacation and would like to return this year. Hopefully my mother's health will hold out so she can come with us. Hawaii is so special. How blessed people are to have been born in such a tropical paradise. The second house we stayed in was a dome-shaped. It was on the beach where the lava had taken back part of the land. It was so peaceful. Looking out on the beach we could easily see 35 feet down where the reef dropped off. When we snorkeled in Kona it was so much fun. I was swimming around and suddenly I was swimming with a sea turtle. I saw one of the parents and then realized I was swimming right beside the baby. He was about the size of a snow disc. He was so beautiful. I was so excited I laughed and realized you don't laugh while trying to snorkel. I did take on some water! I still had a great time! Needless to say, there are many memories. The times we had will always been the best of times. Kathy Johnston

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