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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

20 Years,2 Children, Mortage&edu
Dedicated to Garry

Submitted by Lisa

Happy Anniversary!

How Garry and I met; I was a dancer/gymnast and he was a folk singer and played the guitar. There was a big competition coming up in Pennsylvania and I was going. We lived in Massachusettes & near by Rhode Island, it would be a long bus drive. My instructors sister knew of Garry and thought it would be a good chance for him to get some exposure so she sent him over to practice with us to see if it was something he was interested in, it was. None of the other girls or guys for that matter would talk to him. So I did, I thought he would feel left out. I ditched my bus ride buddy to sit with him; we spent our free time together when not performing. Well, we were 15 & 17 years old then and 37 & 39 years old now. By 18 we were married we had a nice Wedding and drove to New Hampshire, slept in my parents converted van camper in the cold October weather, but loved being together. Later that year we had a daughter. By 21 we had a second daughter and a mortgage. By 38 we have a new mortgage & college payments. The era has come for us to set some time aside take the beautiful romantic Hawaii vacation we keep looking into and enjoy our life. We did what many thought was unlikely, stay in love. What better way to fall in love all over again than to drench ourselves in the wet warm sands of a beautiful beachy Hawaian Island while we sip cool drinks and dance at night under the same sky we baked in all day. Love the kids and house, sooo looking forward to getting away from them all and spending time together.

Many Dreams Do Come True, In Hawaii!

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