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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

A Gift of Love
Dedicated to Mom and Dad

Submitted by Cherie

My parents worked very hard for many years. From my early stages in childhood, I can remember many time my two brothers and I would wait a long time until our parents came home. We were at the ages of 4, 6, and 10. We could never understand why Nanny was always here and why couldn't are parents be home with us? All our other friends parents would be home with them? But,as we got older we realilzed that our parents had to work many late hours in order to keep our home and give us the things that we needed.

My parents never had it easy. They always had to work hard to make things nice for us especially when it came to Christams. I can remember a time when my mom went to work in a cold factory just so we could have nice things yet she never complained. We never got to go on vacation because we never had the money but mom and dad found other ways to make up for that. Our parents gave us lots of love and always made us feel special and they always gave to us first before they ever got anything for themselves.

As of today, my mom and dad are always doing things to help other people who need them. Even after they have spent all day working, they still make the time at night to help someone else. Sometimes it can be really hard because they never get anything in return, but my mom has a good heart and will say that at least god gave me my good heath to help others in need. To this day, I can look in her eyes see how tired she is. Never getting a break but always doing things with a smile.

My mom and dad will be married for 40 years and never had a honeymoon. They were married young and didn't even have a real wedding. My mom has always wanted to go to Hawaii and have the honeymoom she always dreamed of.

Since Valentines day is around the corner and we all know that it's meant to show someone just how much you love them, I would love to show my parents how much I love them by giving them the trip they always dreamed of and deserve.

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