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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Second Honeymoon Better Than First
Dedicated to my husband Steve

Submitted by Wendi

We knew we wanted to do something special to celebrate our tenth anniversary, so we planned a dream vacation to Hawaii. My husband worried at first that my fantasies about the perfect island getaway would lead to unrealistically high expectations, and that I would be disappointed when reality didn't live up to them, but just the opposite happened. The trip was even better
than I imagined!

On our first full day in Hawaii, we set out to explore the wonders of the Big Island. We visited Punaluu Black Sand Beach, and admired the grace and beauty of the turtles nesting there. Our next stop was Akaka Falls State Park, with its breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls, and then it was time to grab a bite to eat at an oceanfront cafe in Hilo.

The next two days were full of exciting expeditions, including visits to botanical gardens, ancient petroglyphs and, of course, Volcanoes National Park. We could have happily stayed for several more days, but it was time to fly off to our next destination: Maui.

After renting snorkel gear, we went to the beach and soon discovered that the underwater scenery was even more remarkable than what we had seen from land. We swam with sea turtles and an incredible array of colorful tropical fish. It truly was paradise!

During that week, we experienced the Old Lahaina Luau, the road to Hana, 'Ulalena,
Whaler's Village, and other delights too numerous to mention. Reluctantly, we headed back home and agreed on two things: that someday Hawaii will be home for us, and that we won't wait another ten years before our next visit!

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