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Love Stories of Hawaii


My Dream Wedding with My Best Frien
Dedicated to Bryan My Love

Submitted by Cami

My Dream Wedding with My Best Friend

Here I sit, seven years after I met my best friend, soul mate, and future husband, trying to plan our perfect wedding day. All of my friends have already been married. Iíve seen everything that goes into planning a unique, traditional wedding of choice. I, on the other hand, would love to walk down a beautiful sandy beach in Hawaii to begin the rest of my life with my best friend! This would definitely be the most memorable time in our lives.

We have been through some bumpy roads in these past seven years, times that I thought for sure that we were not going to make it. You see, his parents, as well as my parents, have divorced after twenty five years of marriage. When we first met, an initial feeling of comfort hazed over the both of us because we both were experiencing the same feelings towards our parents. We promised that when and if our time came for us to be married that we would work real hard to try to see things through.

My mom eventually remarried an old high school sweetheart that she had not seen in twenty-something years. (I had never seen her so happy in my life!) She always used to say, 'don't take things and people for granted. Because you never know when your time with them may be up!' She had lost her husband to a heart attack a short time after her marriage to him.

We have somehow managed to grow from all of these experiences to make our relationship all the more special. We treat each other with respect, we no longer take each other for granted, and we have worked real hard to support one another through difficult times. Now, we believe that it is our turn to show the world, even just the people in 'our little world', that we want our love to stand the test of time! We want to begin our new chapter in our book on a beautiful beach in Hawaii! Where we will promise to love, cherish, and honor one another till death due us part

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