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Love Stories of Hawaii


Dreams really do come true
Dedicated to Brendan

Submitted by Sharon

The day you asked me on our first date I nearly died and I'm almost positive I didn't breathe until you picked me up two days later. I clearly remember my mother telling me that she would tell you how nervous I was some day. I had such a big crush that I could barely speak when you were around.

When you asked me to share your apartment I was so afraid. I agonized over the decision. When I finally said yes you rearranged all the furniture the same day so my things would fit. I knew when I saw it that I belonged there with you.

When you asked me to be your wife it was by far the happiest day of my life. I could see our future. I could envision our children's graduation, Our grandchildren getting married. I could see you old and wrinkled still holding the door for me. Still kissing my hand in a cozy little restaurant. It brought tears to my eyes then and it floods them now.

It is because of the way you make me feel that I believe in dreams coming true. I know that every night when I lay down to sleep that I must be the luckiest girl alive. So I've decided to tell you and maybe if the luck of the Irish prevails we can have the wonderful Hawaiian wedding that we've always dreamed of.

It would be amazing to say our vowels on a warm white beach. It would be awesome to snorkel and swim with beautiful fish. It would most certainly be a dream come true. But above all it would be perfect because I would be with you.

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