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Love Stories of Hawaii

Summer Romance

Dedicated to Anonomys

Submitted by Rachel

A couple summers ago, when I was in Hawaii I met a nice, sweet, caring guy. We went out on a couple dates, and really got to know each other. It felt as if, we were soul mates. A couple days later I had to go back home, to where I lived, and we had to say good-bye. It was the worst moment in my whole life. The very next day I figured out I didn't even know where he lived, or what his phone number was. Hawaii is so big how could I ever find him again. I couldn't send letters, visit him, or call him. Then I got a knock on my door, and I was so happy. But when I opened the door it was only a deliveryman who came to give me a bouquet of flowers. So I took the flowers in my house, and read the note. "Dear Rachel, when you left I realized you didn't even know anything about where I lived or my phone number. So I called every hotel, and was on my very last hotel, I was about to give up hope. Then, this hotel said that you were in one of the rooms here so I thought I would send you these, and the chocolate, and picture are on the way so you can remember me. Here is my information. I live at 14 Hawaii Drive, 76884 Hawaii, and my phone number is 674-9061. I hope we see each other again sometime. Love, Nathan." Then, I called him, and said good-bye one more time from my cell phone, and then boarded the plane to go back to California. Since, then both of us have always kept in touch, and have never missed, a week without talking to each other. One year we're planning on moving in together, and having a family of our own.

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