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Love Stories of Hawaii

Summer Romance

My Vacation Boy
Dedicated to My dearest Vacation Boy

Submitted by L

I have never imagined that i would have such a wonderful vacation with my vacation boy in Hawaii. We went to Maui in 1997 and Kona in 2001. Before we spent the first trip together we barely knew each other. The trip was good but it did not bring us to go further. It was like a casual thing. Between 1997 and 2001, we kept in touch through emails and we met once a year. (we live far apart, more than 10,000 kms) Every time we met, we shared a lot and we felt good for each other.

This year he invited him to Hawaii again. I was thinking whether I should go or not. I did not want to go for a casual vacation and feel bad and sad afterwards. Women are emotional and devoted. I knew i would fall for him if i stayed with him for another vacation. However, his persistence and consistence moved me to enjoy some more great time with him.

It was the most memorable trip I have ever had. We acted like movie stars going for a vacation. We had breakfast in the balcony and gazed the ocean and sky. We went for deep water fishing and walked across the volcanoe. we held hands and watched the sunset. We lay on the couch and shared intimate moments together. We were so relaxed that we acted like we were in paradise. I was his princess and he was my prince.

Although we are now living in two different worlds, our hearts are together. The memories we had in Kona are always in our mind. Whenever I feel miserable about life, I will think of him and how wonderful the time we had in Hawaii.

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