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Love Stories of Hawaii


The Wedding That Didn't Take Place
Dedicated to Friends and Family

Submitted by Pamela

Well it was all set I was finally going to be wed after being with my honey for 11 years. We had it all planned we were going to Maui, Hawaii and 40 of our friends and family were going to join us to witness the blessed event.

It was Tuesday morning and we were to fly out Wednesday for our long awaited event. Everyone at work was thrilled for me. The plans were set I had a beautiful Wedding gown and we even found a Greek priest in Hawaii. We were to stay at the Maui Prince hotel in Makena and everyone was excited--

Yes if you were wondering why I was giving the days of the week you guessed it --I awoke Tuesday to the devastating news of the terrorist attacks. I stayed in bed with the blankets over my head saying no no this couldn't be happening.....The next day I was on the phone all day cancelling all the plans that took me so long to coordinate and calling all the guests- no-one could leave the airlines were closed...

I felt awful and depressed but I had to put it into perspective all I could think was the poor people in the planes and the building in New York and at the Pentagon and how devastated their families were.

I realized how lucky we were that all our family and friends are safe and will be there for us when we are finally able to get married.

Yes I know I am lucky I have a wonderful guy who loves me and family & friends who are very dear -- You would think 11 years is long enough to wait but we will just have to wait a little longer!

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