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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

They Lay Sleeping
Dedicated to American Heros

Submitted by Joanne

There she sits in the deep ocean of blue, resting peacfully now long after World War II. The broken Arizona rusted now seeping with oil, holding fathers, sons and brothers never to touch American soil. Their smiles and laughter and dreams of what would be, are now resting in secret on the bottom of the sea. The mighty Arizona sits awaiting for all to view, the pictures and stories of the brave men we knew. In silence she sits holding them as they sleep, our mighty heros of the deep. These men faught bravely side by side, many lived but many more died.

The fire the action and the yells, of the broken limbs from the exploding shells.

Up at dawn, they did not look back, on the Sunday morning of the attack. They stood tall and gave it theie best, these heros now are peacefully at rest. December 7th 1941 a date to remember a date to tell, of a day when Pearl Harbor was in hell. Oh! If only they could awake to see, a paradise that they made for you and me. It was not all in vain they would say. We wanted you to enjoy Hawaii today.

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