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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

It's In The Stars
Dedicated to Maui

Submitted by Susan

We were assured the sunset from the top of Haleakala was just as beautiful as any sunrise might be, and whole lot easier to do. We packed a dinner and threw pillows and blankets, coats and knit caps, boots, and mittens into the car, for the winds make quite a chill factor once the sun goes down. It is amazing that one can find twenty degree weather in Hawaii in June.

We drove our little car up to the top of Haleakala, parking it in the uppermost parking lot. As we walked over to the edge of this giant volcanic cone, we felt a magical silence, enhanced by the sea of clouds below us. The sun was just setting at the edge of that white sea, tinting it pink-orange. The clouds themselves moved about, drawing wisps out of cotton balls, traveling in roiling motions, gathering and separating in a totally silent dance seen only from above.

As the sun went below the clouds, the horizon glowed, displaying a fan of light rays, changing hue as the eye traveled over a vast line of horizon. The planet Venus became visible. We ate dinner while we could still see.

Then, as true night began, and the sky became navy blue, and then darker, more and more stars became visible. One was very bright and red. We guessed it must be Mars. We remained largely silent, resting in our love for each other and the love we felt for the beauty before us. Alfred continued to be facinated with the red star.

After about ten minutes, he turned to me, and asked, "What do you see there? Next to the red star?"

It seemed to me to be another red star, somewhat smaller, and I said so.

"It's a sign," he said. "I just asked God for a sign, to see if I should ask you to marry me, and that star suddenly appeared."

For the next two hours we huddled together, watching the two red stars. One for me, one for him. It was a match made in heaven, literally. We have been married 30 years, and Haleakala sunsets are still my favorite experience on the Earth.

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