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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Dedicated to My Family

Submitted by Laura

Well, I dont know where to start. Only that tonight I decided that we need to go on a vacation. As I and my family sat watching TV the only thing we seem to do together anymore that is relaxing. It seems we have all separated. My oldest son Jonathan is in college in Indiana he is 19. Boy! did those years fly by. My youngest son Joshua is always at basketball or football he is 16. It is alot of fun to see him out on the court or field. We always seem to make time to see his games, it makes us so proud. Although it is very hard for me to see how hard he works with camp and practice. (Mind you making every one.) Getting up every morning at 5:40am to get himself ready his juice breakfest bars etc. I wish I was a stay at home mom. We are very pleased that we were blessed with a wonderful family that we can be proud of. In this day and age I guess we are doing something right. Just can't believe both of my boys are grown. Any who. For me to get back to why we need a HAWAII trip. I could write all day about my boys. My husband and I love each other very much. It seems we also have separated. Every night it's the same old thing. We watch a DVD or some of our favorite programs. Then he is off to work. He has worked night for the rail road for 27 years. And I work days for a Steamship Line for cargo not passengers. That is our night. Dont think I am not happy, I am. I love it. Just want to do something else. Sometimes, I ask him if we could go here or if we can go there. And only to hear we cant afford it. We both work very hard, and never seem to be caught up. Just like everyone else. I want to make some memories of being on vacation with my childern while they still want us around. It is so wonderful they both love us so much. And still want to be around their parents. I want to give them some memories of a wonderful vacation. that's why tonight I mentioned lets go to HAWAII. In a way I wish I never mention anything. Joshau is so excited. To see his face light up like it was Christmas. If you have children you know what I mean. I dont want to let him down. He is already talking about the ocean, sun and not to mention the girls. I think it's time we all had time together. So, I enter this contest tonight in hopes to win a HAWAII trip for My Family. regards, feeling separated in Bolingbook, IL

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