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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

The only problem-ME!
Dedicated to My soulmate Tim

Submitted by Melissa

When I met my husband Tim, I hated him. I know that sounds funny, but I later discovered that the feeling was mutual.

We met, as a lot of couples do-at work. He was transferred from Santa Monica, California to Salt Lake City, Utah to work at the Window Coverings Plant where I worked. I can say that seeing him for the first time was NOT love at first sight! I thought to myself, 'Who is this new guy here from California thinking he's all that!?!' Well, to tell you the truth, the problem was-ME! He was very nice and helpful to everyone but I had my own idea about him! At the same time, when Tim met me he tells me he thought, 'Who is this girl who is so annoying?!?' In my defense, it was 2 days before Christmas and we were enjoying all of the festivites of the season and being a bit loud at the small close-knit company in which we worked.
Needless to say, we contuined our party after work and I got to know Tim in a group setting. (We still didn't think much of one another)

It was Christmastime though, and I began to feel sorry for Tim. He was staying in a suite in a hotel provided by the company. Albiet nice, he was alone. I began to think, how sad to be so alone in a new city during the holidays. So I went to see him at the hotel.

We became fast friends. We would talk into the wee hours of the morning about the places we would like to go and see, and Hawaii would always come up! I love the look of the lush green landscapes and beautiful people. He loved the thought of traveling! What a match!

During this time both of us were single, and enjoyed going out 'just as friends'. Tim was looking to date other girls and I was also serving in the Army Reserve dating an Army Officer. We thought, what a great setup! We can go out as 'friends' and date other people!

The only problem was-ME... I was in love by New Years Eve! I played it cool though-for a while. But we spent so much time together. I was so smitten with this guy I vowed to my family and friends, 'I will marry this man!' I couldn't help myself.

I slowly began to hint to him how much I cared for him but to no avail! Then suddenly, he asked me to move in with him 'as roommates'. That was it!

Within a year, we were planning our wedding and the arrival of our first daughter, Heather. We were married at the place I had always dreamed of since I was a little girl-spiral staircase and all! It was a huge wedding! The only problem again was-you guessed it-ME... I was so excited, and in love with Tim, I laughed thoughout the entire ceremony! I could barely say my vows! That was March 4th, 1995, we were married again in the Catholic Church in 1998 and have now we have 3 children-all girls!

If you could ask us 6 years ago if this is where we thought we would be today, we would probably tell you that you were crazy, but in life ANYTHING can happen!

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