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Love Stories of Hawaii


Life Dream Come True
Dedicated to Robert Hartman the man I love

Submitted by Sally

Soon, I hope to marry the man of my dreams. Funny thing is he has been near me my whole life. Our first meeting was in the eight grade and as he read encyclopedia's and studied, I ran with the wrong crowd and got into trouble. So it went for my whole young life. Married 3 times, all failures and the latest invovled children. While raising my kids alone,overwhelmed from responsibility. My ole friend, Robert,whom I always loved like a brother, once again comes to me and comforts me. Guiding me gently telling me that he loves me as he always has. Robert has waited 10 years now for me, and I never knew the depth of his love. As we looked at pictures of Hawaii, dreaming of ever going there.. I laughed and told him if he could take me to Hawaii.... I would marry him. Quickly he started to plan our trip. From that moment, I long for him when we are apart. His touch now makes me melt and I realize how much of love and life I have truly missed out on. I plan to kiss this friend of 20 years on the beaches of Hawaii, only I intend to kiss him as my husband. If only everyone could have a love so true and honest.

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