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Love Stories of Hawaii

Summer Romance

The fields of dreams...
Dedicated to Michael

Submitted by Joanna

As a 14 year old girl I remember the hot days of summer working in the fields with my family in Poland. It was very sunny and sweat was dripping from my forehead as my father asked me to collect the hay and put it on top of the carriage attached to an old horse. The poor horse looked very tired and thirsty, yet we had still one quarter of the field full of hay. As my father was telling us that we must hurry before the rain ruins the hay, I started dreaming... I imagined myself jumping into the cleanest water. I remember my geography teacher telling us that he was fortunate in his life to visit the most beautiful place on earth, Hawaii!!! I could only imagine the feeling of the purest water, the golden sands and the terrible volcano that smoldered with fire. It all filled my body with curiosity, fear and pleasure. Then, the rain started to pour and we all had to run home. Now, I dream that one day I will see Hawaii and tell someone about my experience...

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