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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Dream Of A Life Time
Dedicated to My Husband Of 38 Yrs

Submitted by Karen

I grew up in a very warm loving family but we never took vacations. My parents were home loving people. We watch the Hilo Hattie show and always dreamed of going to Hawaii one day. So did my parents too even though I knew they were never go. I was young and always had hopes of visiting one day.

I got married young and stuggled to make ends meet and had 2 young kids to take care of and feed. I never lost my dreamto see the islands. We got married in 1963 and as time passed the dream started fading.

Ten years later the dream was fading more and more but the hope stayed. In 1978 my wonderful husband saved the money for our kids and us to go and even invited my parents and to my surprise they wanted to go with us.

We saw the beautiful Islands of Hawaii and were so impressed we went back again with everyone the next year. We have been 10 times now and the pleasure of the islands has never let me down. I have now lived the little girl dream of seeing Hawaii

It has been such a special occasion to have my parents with us 4 of those times. Dad is gone now and mom in a home but I can still share the vidoes and photos with her and she remembers.

We are now looking forward to seeing Hawaii again for our 40th anniversary in 2 yrs. The Hawaiian Islands has entered out body and soul and want to see it again and again. Aloha means love but for us it means comfort and pleasure and a childhood dream come true.

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