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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Love on Miracle Beach
Dedicated to Leilani

Submitted by Patrice

The sun was high in the sky as a cool breeze swept over me. The sand was warm as I sat quietly their on the beach. My mind wondered to a place of quiet calm and sure grace, lost in a moment of true tranquility. From the tree and bushed lined access to the beach, a woman or maybe an angel spoke and shared the peace of that beach. The ocean waves in the background complete this love trilogy.

This story began with some adventuresome girls who wonder off each year on vacation to relax and renew their spirits. Hawaii was there choice this particular year and the Garden Island with its plush picturesque gardens just drew them right to this spot. After their arrival, they asked for directions to a spectacular beach view and sunset and were led to their surprise a sugarcane field off the main road. But, they ventured off looking for the beach and drove through sand in search of this miracle beach.

Suddenly, they all jumped out of the truck and ran to view the secluded beach. They wondered off from each other and experienced a familiar presence that could not be explained. Then, out of the greenery a new face appeared. They greeted and talked like they had known each other for years with heart to heart talks of life's challenges and love. Leilani was her name and she shared her pain. At the beach, she could find clarity of thought, comfort and peace of mind.

As she shared her story, we learned that home was there on the beach where she found love and had left behind in Detroit a six figure job, BMW and fiancee'! Well, she told us she found a new man of honor, grace, love and affection. He showed her mercy and forgiveness and even protection. He has protected her there on that beach for one year now and that love was the familiar presence that we all found.

Well, as the sun began to set, we realized that we had fallen more in love with the same gent. He held us in the warmth of his hand and comforted our hearts, minds, and spirit with the sound of the ocean. It was there on that beach where I was led to serve our children in a special way. It was there a dream was born, and a new story began with the expectation of preparation surely ahead. Victory was declared and God showed forth His love. I found a greater love and existence beyond the garden and on the beach. There is a God for he lives in Kauai and walks on the beach!

My dream has come true I now serve on the school board and I'm on my way back to that very same secluded beach in Kauai. I can't wait to visit because they both await me. There I'll find new direction, peace, more love and experience another talk on miracle beach.

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