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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Great Expectations!
Dedicated to Making The Most Of Each Day

Submitted by Darcey

A couple of years into our marriage my husband Dennis and I lived in Alanta, GA. We had very little extra spending money so vacations were far and few between. We commuted together to work in our little Saturn one Friday, me to the hospital and Dennis to his employer Delta Airlines. About 10:00 that morning, Dennis called saying a plane in Honolulu had maintenance problems and he was booked on a 12:00 flight to Hawaii. Seeing a great opportunity to have a little mini-vacation together that was not going to be too costly for us, we raced home, packed our clothes and madly drove back to the airport for our flight. Since Dennis worked for the airlines, I could fly basically for free as his spouse. So after 9 hours of flying we arrived on the beatiful island of Oahu. I couldn't wait to explore! Of course though Dennis had to go right to work on the Honolulu Airport tarmac. So I collected all of the brochures and tourism information I could find and dreampt about our adventures while waiting at the airport for him.. and I waited.. and waited. Dennis worked until about 2:30 AM with the Honolulu based mechanics. Although they hadn't resolved the problem, everyone was too tired to continue. Finally Dennis came up to the terminal to get me at take me to our hotel on Waikiki.

When we got there, there was no reservation for us, and no availability anywhere in nearby hotels. Evidently Delta maintence travel-desk forgot to reserve Dennis a room. So we took our bags and walked along Waikiki beach, in pitch blackness at 4:00AM while the reservations agent worked to find us a room which put us right back at the airport. That was the last we saw of Hawaii together on that trip. The next day Dennis woke early and headed back to the damaged airplane and I decided to venture out on the city bus to explore Honolulu. I mostly just rode around the bus sighseeing the city. I did get to see Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona, what an awesome historical experience. That night I fell asleep long before Dennis returned back from the airport. Then Sunday morning he returned once again to work with the mechanics, and I found a little church to worship in before my flight home to Atlanta that afternoon as I had to return to work. Unfortunately the disabled plane that Dennis was trying to fix had thrown off the scheduling for the entire weekend. There were many delayed passengers. As I was travelling stand-by and last to get on, I had to wait through 4 flights before I got on one that would take me back to the mainland. But finally I made it home and Dennis returned 4 days later.

I am glad for the opportunity to have gone with him, but sadly enough the most I got to spend with Dennis was sitting for the 9 hours on the plane over to Hawaii. The rest of trip was kind of a vacation bust considering we were "paradise"! Dennis and I would love the opportunity to revisit Hawaii. This time we hope to do all of the things on the brochures that I still have in my scrapbook!

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