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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

Those little things about you...
Dedicated to my wife, Tina

Submitted by Charlie

Nobody ever sees those little glances we make. Nobody ever hears those little kisses we blow. Our eyes meet across a crowded room and volumes are spoken... Having fun? Ready to go? Behaving?

Pet names that make no sense in any language. Teasings for no reason in the world. All the little things about you that I love so much...

How many other couples still snuggle in public? How many others still smooch at every parting? How many call each other for no reason other than to say 'I love you'? All these years past and we still overhear other couples saying "Remember when WE used to be like that?"

Out secret trip to Maui Hawaii, the flowers we share every 10th, all part of our Honeymoon that has never ended.

The way our hands instictively find each other whereever we go, the way we find each other more comfortable than the pillows, the way we know what each other is thinking all the time...

All these little things about you make me love you so very much. All these things about you make me glad I'm alive. All these things about you make me live my life for you, my love...

Your 'pumpkie wumpkie' - :)

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